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FIRST Robotics Competition Team “Biohazard” 4050 is the high-school division of the Franklin County 4-H Robotics Club. Since 2012, Team 4050 has provided local students with the opportunity to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition program. In the 2015-2016 season, Team 4050 was host to over 25 students, from 3 states, guided by over a dozen mentors. The focal point of Team 4050’s existence is participation in FIRST Robotics Competition. Each year, members and mentors work together to design and build a unique robot. In January, FIRST releases the annual “Game” that they must design their robot to participate in. To add to the challenge, they are given only 6 weeks to complete the robot. In the ensuing months, they attend two regional competitions, where they compete against 50+ other Teams, each with their own unique robot. Teams who win a regional are given the opportunity to attend a Championship event, where they compete for best in the world. In 2015, the FRC Team won the Chesapeake Regional competition and had the opportunity to go to the World Championship, a huge milestone and a major accomplishment.



Reaching out and interacting with the community...

...brings awareness to the many opportunities 4-H and FIRST robotics has to offer.

Our growing team enjoys the many opportunities that 4-H and local businesses have given us to talk about what we love to do. Building robots and being a part of Biohazard Team 4050. It's more than STEM!

WITF Ready, Set, Explore Event in Harrisburg PA, August 2013

6 - 6We had a great time demonstrating at Ready, Set, Explore.This is how we do it.Lots of youngsters took this challenge.It's hard to tell who's having more fun.Now these kids got it!We had lots of fun. See you next time : )<>

Sam's Camp, June 2013

9 - 9This year we helped to make learning fun.Biohazard members teaching kids to take eon new challenges.There is more than one way to solve the challenge.These kids get to be the first to play our custom games.Using Lego Mindstorms we developed interactive games to demonstrate the fun of robotics.One of our awesome challenging games.Game on! I can do that too.Time to show the kids how we do it the FIRST way. Or should I say the Biohazard way : )Sam's Camp kids and leaders watching the robot demonstration.<>

The Team's First Season

16 - 16Prototyping, test, and theoryProgramming think tankThinking outside the boxFramedThought processDrive assemblyPrototype, test, test, and test againWorking on targets for the big testClimbing partsMaking molds for custom partsPrototype for testingAssembly, round 1Ready for Competition2013 Franklin County FairTEAM work during the 2012 SeasonOur 2012 Season Robot<>


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